Organization Chart


A Brief Summary

Architecture Division:


Explore Our Comprehensive Architecture Division.

Delve into the depths of our architecture division, where we provide an expansive array of interior and landscape design solutions. Our core emphasis lies in seamlessly weaving together innovation, sustainability, and functionality to not only meet but surpass the lofty expectations of our valued clients. This division comprises of:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape and Horticulture Design
  • 3D Visualization
Structure Division:

Elevate Your Construction Projects with Our Structural Division

Our structural division is your trusted source for professional engineering services, a cornerstone of compliant and secure construction endeavors. We bring to the table a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing design, rigorous analysis, and specialized integrity of every project we undertake. This division comprises of:

  • Structure Analysis
  • RCC Structure Design
  • Steel Structure
  • Structure Retrofitting and Rehabilitation
  • Structure Design Optimization
  • Structure Design for Bridges and Highways.
  • Expertise in seismic and wind engineering, and meticulous on-site inspections, ensuring the
Civil Division:

Navigating Infrastructure Excellence with Our Civil Division

Within our civil division, we take charge of overseeing and meticulously managing infrastructure projects from their initial design conception through to vigilant construction supervision. Our prowess lies in harnessing our extensive expertise and fostering harmonious collaboration across various departments to guarantee the triumphant completion of every project. The Civil Division comprises:

  • Regional and Urban Master Planning
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Road Design
  • Soil Testing and Investigation
  • Digital Land Surveys
  • Geotechnical Surveys
  • Deep Foundations Analysis and Design
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Excavation Support System
Environmental Division:

Championing Environmental Stewardship: Our Environmental Division

Within our dedicated Environmental Division, our seasoned environmental engineers assume the mantle of responsibility for overseeing a multitude of facets related to construction impact, regulatory compliance, waste management, pollution mitigation, remediation efforts, restoration initiatives, and the relentless pursuit of sustainability. The Environmental Division encompasses:

  • Environmental Study and Analysis
  • Hydrology Studies
Services Division

Elevating Project Excellence with Our Services Division

Within our Services Division, we specialize in delivering expert guidance for construction project management and unwavering commitment to quality control, ensuring the attainment of successful outcomes. The following sections are meticulously crafted to address your specific concerns and provide you with efficient, effective solutions.

  • MEP Section
  • HVAC Section
  • Firefighting¬†
  • BMS (Building Management)
  • BOQ Section