Our Services

We provide top-notch services with confidence and expertise. No project is too complex or large for us; we use proven processes and innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals. We balance quality, risk, and time, ensuring technically and economically sound solutions. Our commitment to excellence guarantees exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Let us help you achieve your objectives confidently. See our services below for more info.

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Architecture Division

Our architecture division offers comprehensive interior and landscape design solutions, combining innovative, sustainable, and functional designs to exceed clients’ expectations. Our services include:

  • ARCH Section
  • Horticulture Section
  • Landscape Section
  • Interior Section
civil division

Civil Division

Our civil division manage civil infrastructure projects from design to construction and supervise them. With expertise and departmental collaboration, we ensure successful project completion by these services:

  • Town Plan Section
  • Roads / Infra Section
  • GEOTECH Section
  • Survey Section

Structure Division

Structure Division provides engineering services for compliant and safe construction projects, including design, analysis, inspections, and seismic/wind engineering. Our services include:

  • Design Section
  • Steel STR Section
  • Bridge Section
  • BIM Section
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Environmental Division

Our environmental engineering team handles construction impact, compliance, waste, pollution, remediation, restoration and sustainability. They offer services through:

  • ENVMTS Section
  • Hydrology Section
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ADM & COORD Division

Effective management and coordination are key to a successful workplace. At Comrades we prioritize client satisfaction and smooth operations to achieve our goals and organizational success. Here we have:

  • Contract Section
  • ADM Section
  • COORD Section
  • HR Section

Service Division

At Comrades our Services division offers expert assistance in construction project management and quality control to achieve successful outcomes. So now, you don’t have to worry about efficient and effective solutions, since these sections will serve you:

  • MEP Section
  • HVAC Section
  • BOQ Section
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